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Friday, February 29, 2008

Exterior of Windows - Historic Federal Building

Yesterday I started scraping and priming some windows at the Historic Federal Building in downtown Pueblo, Colorado. This should arrest further deterioration of the old paint until a new coat of paint can be put on.

The intial problem solving of ladder placement entailed re-using old lag screw holes with wooden dowels already in them for a brace for an extention ladder. A trip to the local steel scrapyard was called for, whereupon a piece of orange steel shelving was found the exact length for $2. The only modification was re-drilling the holes large enough to use a 3/8" lag screw.
These sit at three spots on each side near the top, bottom and approximate middle of the first four windows I am attending. A previous look at the blueprints showed that they once held up decorative grills.

I put some thin shims underneath the metal to keep from damaging the brick, and give it a tighter fit where it would not roll around.

Though these windows are very simple there will be time involved in scraping and painting, with a little sanding to feather over edges from existing to raw wood. After the ladder brace is set up, this takes four hours.
Scraped sound.

Done for the day.

Upon leaving and rounding the corner I decided to take a picture of the front of the building because I am interested in casting from the eagles on the facade, among other things at least cataloguing the stonework. Efflourescence is apparent underneath the roof . At the proposal a couple of years ago of painting the steel roof, I am hoping that whomever does the painting - and it might be me - they will also be able to wash the efflourescence off, which is probably being caused by a slight leak, or water sitting too long somewhere.

Here it is again high upon the south west wall.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Ideas: Shower Stall - Spiral design

I have no idea how I will make curved glass this big. I suppose I could make it out of glass block.

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