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Friday, December 24, 2010

Gallery Space Expansion Ideas (continued)

east part of main lobby with entrance vestibule

This is what some of main lobby space of the Historic Federal Building looks like. The above depicts the entrance with its vestibule. These are taken from photos I took a couple of years ago around the winter holidays.

North east part of main lobby

Above, a look west towards the elevator and north vestibule with a great source of natural north light coming in through the arched tops of the windows.


A sample of one of the post office box walls. There are about 2,500 of these. I had thought at one time that auctioning these off as curio items might fund some of the renovation. Behind them is a large sorting room with more high ceilings and giant heating and cooling ducts. At one time the space was considered very favorable for an upscale restaurant. I think the end reason it didn't happen was the problem of parking space.

These would be in reference to the previous entry here a while back,


which was made last year on Wednesday, December 23, 2009.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Refrigerator Solutions ~ Kitchen Cabinetry

Here are two views of a preliminary sketch which shrouds a large refrigerator with a broom closet and upper cabinets. There are no off-the-shelf broom closets larger than 24 inches deep, so this will have to be custom made. This carries the line straight across the front of the refrigerator, making the broom closet and upper above that 28 1/4 inches deep.

Curtis Kitchen Cabinetry refrigerator solution 1

Curtis Kitchen Cabinetry refrigerator solution 1b

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Timber Frame Studio - Additional Features

TS10GR24 stove and sink detail

I've added a shelter from the elements over the entry in a balcony deck, a wood stove, and a sink for washing brushes or hands. This drawing also illustrates the north-facing bank of fixed safety windows.

TS10GR24 balcony detail

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Backyard Studio Plans

I am working on a design for a backyard studio. The footprint would be approximately 17' x 27', and be 24' in height done in timber-frame style. The roof would be a steep sort of barn-style gambrel, and allow for a second story office or small sleeping loft under a single dormer. It would also be open below in the middle with a guardrail running the length of it down the middle.

Timberframe studio 10 ceiling, gambrel roof

Timberframe studio 10 ceiling, gambrel roofB

Timberframe studio 10 ceiling, gambrel roofC

Timberframe studio 10 ceiling, gambrel roofD

I am looking for feedback on this if anyone has any to offer.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Renovation Work On An Old, Large, Storefront Door


The storefront loft where I've been working Mondays. This door is about seven-and-a-half feet tall, four wide, and two-and-three-quarter inches thick.


It needed adjustment at the doorstop to seal better after the window replacement guys made a good effort. The green stuff is Duraglas. It's like Spackle plus, or wood filler on steroids. I ran a belt-sander on the high spots first.


My client is switching out all the black metal to brass. I had to heat up the paint with a heat gun to unscrew the decorative brace. I guess he has it sandblasted and plated somewhere from here.


I also installed a commercial door closer, and patched a hole - also with Duraglas - that was left when I took out the extra deadbolt he had at the bottom. That was made obsolete by the metal security door a while back.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Plea To Blog Viewers

Hire me!

Hire me for something. I'm single and unattached. I have some cats, but my neighbor has fed them for a week at a time when I tried to see if I could commute once a week to Amarillo looking into a job as a mold-maker. Make me an offer. I'm used to $20.00/hour, which as a contractor with vehicle overhead is just scraping by after 70 miles per day on a part-time basis.

Look over my resume. I'd be willing to travel if it meant a career change with a steady role and respectable salary.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Picture Mould Adaptation

     I've been asked to try and make a picture mould adaptation that might accommodate the architectural details of the Historic Federal Building's main floor lobby, which also serves as The Fifth Street Gallery. It will allow artists to hang larger canvases without damaging the wall surface. And so I've taken a survey of what's there and tried to see if there were any stock millwork in Pueblo at the various yards and home improvement stores. Since they were originally installed in 1897 it is doubtful I will find a match.

C ornice HFB West Lobby A

Cornice HFB West Lobby B 

I imagined that I could saw or plane off the bottom cove piece, but strict adherence to the design was lifted. I will be putting up a three inch crown below the venting, approximately eleven feet high that will butt end the walls and  two columns. I will begin by installing a flat board onto the wall that leaves about two inches of wood exposed, then the crown, followed by a cap that imitated the cornice below.

[Added March 20, 2010, pictures of it in application:]

Cornice with Slot Hanger 2


Friday, February 12, 2010

Painting Over the Stairwell - 2010


The second to last move. Where once it was thought that a special stagger piece could be used - incorporated with the larger S-Style Scaffolding - an additional section of Baker Scaffolding was used instead, and "marched" down the stairway with angle braces clamped onto the decorative iron to stiffen it.



An improvised method of catching as much debris or fresh plaster as possible.


Chipping out the plaster in areas where it was delaminating, then filling with Structo-lite plaster.


Floating over the Structolite filler with gypsum compound.


With the last gypsum float dry and primed.




Friday, January 29, 2010


In making modifications to the elevator lobby at the Historic Federal Building I was called upon to float gypsum over the ridges of paint left around the florescent fixtures that were taken out, patch holes in plaster, and touch up paint. A large chandelier was hung in the center of the lobby, which after assessment of the owner for it's color was changed from antiqued bronze to a bright gold. This I painted by hand with a small brush and Modern Masters metallic paint.






There was a banquet scheduled for the evening when it was just getting the final touches.


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