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Monday, September 15, 2008

Continuation In Early September 2008

view east on north section

With an idea that a commercial corner roller could be implemented in painting these standing seams without having to bend down I finally use the one I bought years ago in anticipation of rolling in interior wall corners. After a couple days use it is falling apart. Presumably from the interation of the paint medium's Xylene with the closed-cell foam. Not wishing to go back to brushing the seams bending over or kneeling I made a new roller core shape out of plywood, then delicately perform the surgery of sewing it while still soaked with noxious Hammerite, as cleaning it would have been a long process. (At the end of the project it will just go into the trash.)

I resolve to try and take pictures of progress from a further distance, since it is a larger edifice, and more prominent for it's more decorative flourishes.

Start Sept 08, Hist Fed. Roof

NE hip 1st coat, Hist. Fed. Roof

Saturday, September 13, 2008

After the roof painting project was shelved for the summer work now begins with 30 gallons of gold Hammerite in reserve. Below are some of the initial forays getting used to a repetoire with all the safety equipment, preparitory scrubbing, and rinse which required an additional 100 foot of water hose coming up from the second floor deck.

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