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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Roof Painting ~ The Historic Federal Building, Pueblo Colorado

After repairs and preventative measures painting can now begin upon the metal roof of the Historic Federal Building in downtown Pueblo, Colorado. The paint to be use is a gold Hammerite Rust Cap, and ten gallons have been initially acquired towards covering its approximate 12,000 square feet. It is a little tricky washing and rinsing the old paint and rust off, and a couple of long water hoses and valve-controlled brush designed for washing cars is employed.

process Hist Fed roof

The temperature has to be below 85F to insure a good coating, but the afternoon clouds are helping out somewhat. Other than that, this painter will have to adjust to gettting up very early in the morning and get off the roof, or wash down the next day's section once the temperature reaches that point. It is possible to do two coats if it is done within 45 minutes of the first application. Barring that the product also says to wait seven days before giving a second coat. It is entirely possible that I may make a circuit in a week, and begin the second coat there. For now the only difficulty is insuring that the ridge seams are done first. The more thorough method is to brush them, but that goes much slower. I am avoiding brushing the tops, since a roller can hit those just as well during the rolling of the wide panels. Using a roller on this small vertical surface might be done quicker with a small roller, but it might also use more paint if not done properly. For a test amongst the practice of application, weather, heat and author's discipline, the northeastern hip roof will be done first to see how it goes.

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