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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Backyard Studio Plans

I am working on a design for a backyard studio. The footprint would be approximately 17' x 27', and be 24' in height done in timber-frame style. The roof would be a steep sort of barn-style gambrel, and allow for a second story office or small sleeping loft under a single dormer. It would also be open below in the middle with a guardrail running the length of it down the middle.

Timberframe studio 10 ceiling, gambrel roof

Timberframe studio 10 ceiling, gambrel roofB

Timberframe studio 10 ceiling, gambrel roofC

Timberframe studio 10 ceiling, gambrel roofD

I am looking for feedback on this if anyone has any to offer.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Renovation Work On An Old, Large, Storefront Door


The storefront loft where I've been working Mondays. This door is about seven-and-a-half feet tall, four wide, and two-and-three-quarter inches thick.


It needed adjustment at the doorstop to seal better after the window replacement guys made a good effort. The green stuff is Duraglas. It's like Spackle plus, or wood filler on steroids. I ran a belt-sander on the high spots first.


My client is switching out all the black metal to brass. I had to heat up the paint with a heat gun to unscrew the decorative brace. I guess he has it sandblasted and plated somewhere from here.


I also installed a commercial door closer, and patched a hole - also with Duraglas - that was left when I took out the extra deadbolt he had at the bottom. That was made obsolete by the metal security door a while back.

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