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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Finishing Up The Stairwell

With nearly everything taken care of on the roof painting project, it is back inside to finish up the fourth floor elevator lobby. Work on this was shelved for a while. (To see where it started please see Painting The Stairwell, May 10 2007) There were a few patches to take care of on the ceiling, but now that the roof has been repaired and given a high performance coat of paint finishing it will have a great deal of insurance in holding up.

Last phase

Last Phase 4th floor

With a few creative steps applying the scaffolding available it is time to take it all the way to the top to get to the hardest to reach portions of the building's interior.

Scaffolding for 4th floor completion F

Scaffolding 7 and 4 foot sections

Scaffolding, staggered post section

There are also some portions of the third floor to catch up in the new paint scheme.

last phase 3rd floor

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Industrial Painting ~ Warehouse Improvement

I recently had the call to improve warehouse space block walls. What used to be a storage for rock wool insulation was being updated for use to store food stuffs, and food distribution materials.

At some point, so the legend goes, the rock wool would be adhered to a paper backing before it had time to cool and in some cases would smolder and create soot on the ceiling. In order to go from this sooty black to a more maintenance aesthetic white I would have to:

1.) Block fill the cinderblock with 15 gallons of block filler.

2.) Roller seal its resiny nature over the "twin T" pre-cast concrete ceiling with 10 gallons of Kilz.

3.) Spray a "dry fall" white over that with 10 gallons .

4.) Spray and back-roll 10 gallons of a high gloss white acrylic paint.

Dark to Light 8



Afterwards I would also be called back to help make a perimeter line around the rough asphalt floor surface with a quick-set mortar mix, and paint over that to a sharp 18 inch line.

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