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Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Work As Seen From Earth Orbit

As soon as Google Earth's next update on Pueblo, Colorado I will have the oddest brag of having work that can be seen from outer space:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Staggered Section ~ Key Piece

[In the continuing study of how to scaffold above the Historic Federal Building stairwell:]
To use the scaffold here there are three special pieces needed to add into the regular arrangement of the owner's "Brand" scaffolding:

1.) The staggered piece, with one tube 3', 4" long, and one tube 1', 6 7/8" long connected with two pieces of tubing as rails. This levels out the first section that is 6', 4" tall.
2.) Two 5 foot pieces that form the second section (which is neccesary to make clearance beneath the horizontal beam on third floor). These are the pieces that are already on hand.
3.) A 4 foot piece to get the platform above the top railling by one foot.
4.) A 7 foot piece across from that as its levelling component to the third section. (Something special will have to be arranged with the X-braces which would go through the ironwork at this point, as well as with the staggered piece.)

The key is the staggered piece that sits upon the first landing between 3rd and 4th floor.


The red tubing on the bottom was a previous design to allow for leveling. I'm incorporating that now into the total height desired, and will use small wood shims if I need any adjustment there, using the opposite end of the scaffold for the coarse adjustment in levelling.

The other piece remains the same from an earlier drawing, which is basically a seven foot section attached to a four foot section at the top. This stack can be "re-cycled" up the stairs to the point where it climbs one complete six-foot section, or planked across to a "Baker" scaffold of different manufacture.

[Drawings added to illustrate this process March 13, 2009

Staggered scaffold as it would look with just a human figure for scale, above.

As it is to be used, above.

The full complement.

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