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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Plea To Blog Viewers

Hire me!

Hire me for something. I'm single and unattached. I have some cats, but my neighbor has fed them for a week at a time when I tried to see if I could commute once a week to Amarillo looking into a job as a mold-maker. Make me an offer. I'm used to $20.00/hour, which as a contractor with vehicle overhead is just scraping by after 70 miles per day on a part-time basis.

Look over my resume. I'd be willing to travel if it meant a career change with a steady role and respectable salary.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Picture Mould Adaptation

     I've been asked to try and make a picture mould adaptation that might accommodate the architectural details of the Historic Federal Building's main floor lobby, which also serves as The Fifth Street Gallery. It will allow artists to hang larger canvases without damaging the wall surface. And so I've taken a survey of what's there and tried to see if there were any stock millwork in Pueblo at the various yards and home improvement stores. Since they were originally installed in 1897 it is doubtful I will find a match.

C ornice HFB West Lobby A

Cornice HFB West Lobby B 

I imagined that I could saw or plane off the bottom cove piece, but strict adherence to the design was lifted. I will be putting up a three inch crown below the venting, approximately eleven feet high that will butt end the walls and  two columns. I will begin by installing a flat board onto the wall that leaves about two inches of wood exposed, then the crown, followed by a cap that imitated the cornice below.

[Added March 20, 2010, pictures of it in application:]

Cornice with Slot Hanger 2


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