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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Progress On The Roof Painting Project

Before any regular traffic could go on up on the roof the old decking right outside the door had to be replaced, the rails cleaned off and painted.

Redwood boards would be the deck replacement, varnished in the basement and set to dry, chopped to size, then fitted from underneath with galvanized hex lag screws.

[Editor's note: Only recently could photos be added of the decking completed some time ago. The author having taken on a job sub-contracting labor around his home community of Rye, Colorado - April 6, 2008.]

A test area was cleaned in this triangular west facing area in order to see how chalky the old paint was, preparation for a sample to be applied.

Friday, March 7, 2008

From Old Blueprints

Got approximate square footage to bid on painting a steel roof in downtown Pueblo for the Historic Federal Building. (It used to be a copper roof that was salvaged during WWII.) It was interesting taking it to Kinko's. Got it on a CD in the process, an eighty year-old blueprint.

There is a wealth of information to these prints in the basement of the old building. Study them long enough and you get a sense of history passing by, a genealogy of sorts, or archaology. I've mentioned them to a former painting collegue, who's now working for an architectural firm, that he could come look them over some time, as the owner has given me the priviledge. He must be too busy.

[Addendum March 17, 2008 - for use in estimating safety lines and cordons:]

After inverting the colors I can get a basic idea with MS Paint on where I want to string main safety cables to drop down the roof from.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Egg and Dart, Finished Design

Egg and Dart (third session)

I've found a simple method of developing the contour that couches the egg, with a little widening of same. Still working on the darts, and a uniform method of developing them. A lot of this is learning extrusion commands and intersects.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Egg and Dart

My next chosen challenge on Google Sketchup 6 seems to be a first draft at egg & dart molding.
It wasn't very hard to find a tutorial about egg shapes through their online warehouse. The main trick or difficulty seems to be merging models together. Research in existing moldings tells me that I could make the grooves and separating lines stronger and the egg a little more bulbous.

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