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Friday, March 7, 2008

From Old Blueprints

Got approximate square footage to bid on painting a steel roof in downtown Pueblo for the Historic Federal Building. (It used to be a copper roof that was salvaged during WWII.) It was interesting taking it to Kinko's. Got it on a CD in the process, an eighty year-old blueprint.

There is a wealth of information to these prints in the basement of the old building. Study them long enough and you get a sense of history passing by, a genealogy of sorts, or archaology. I've mentioned them to a former painting collegue, who's now working for an architectural firm, that he could come look them over some time, as the owner has given me the priviledge. He must be too busy.

[Addendum March 17, 2008 - for use in estimating safety lines and cordons:]

After inverting the colors I can get a basic idea with MS Paint on where I want to string main safety cables to drop down the roof from.

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