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Monday, October 6, 2008

Handicapped Access Door ~ Historic Federal Building

I fixed a rusty steel door yesterday. I used Duraglas on some metal lath.

Brushing on Hammerite paint is like working with marshmallow cream. You get one or two good brush strokes and that's it. Done. No more trying to correct anything...and it stinks. Xylene! Duraglas is interesting. While it is curing up you can cut it with a sharp wallpaper knife. When it's hard you can't do much with it at all. So you have to stand by and feel it for the right time to trim it. I used it at Haddonstone for repairs to their ornamental models and some molds.

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Joshua and Kimberly said...

It's so important to restore historical buildings professionally! Oftentimes we see the urbanization of downtowns as tearing down older buildings and replacing them with modern sky-scrapers -- or at least our smaller town equivalents. Gentrification of our towns is nice because it bring up the aesthetic value of that block, and I'm glad that you retain the original design of the buildings when you clean them up! Oh, and great work, by the way!

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