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Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Plea To Blog Viewers

Hire me!

Hire me for something. I'm single and unattached. I have some cats, but my neighbor has fed them for a week at a time when I tried to see if I could commute once a week to Amarillo looking into a job as a mold-maker. Make me an offer. I'm used to $20.00/hour, which as a contractor with vehicle overhead is just scraping by after 70 miles per day on a part-time basis.

Look over my resume. I'd be willing to travel if it meant a career change with a steady role and respectable salary.

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CSCS said...

We are a cast stone manufacturing company in Texas looking for a mold maker. If you are interested in relocating, please contact us at 210-653-5100. www.cscaststone.com

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