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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Trim Carpentry - Getting Near Completion

I have made a defining terminal at the bottom of the stairway, after a hinted at what my client wanted with a piece of pre-primed, fiberboard fluted casing. I had to get the side pieces in a plain stock of the same width, but they did not sit at the correct depth when meeting up with the crown moulding. I had to use a planer and do each one to a different depth, then wrap an additional piece of wood around at the top aboveupon which I put a half-round moulding to simulate a torus or terminal. Pictured below are the results.



and at the base on top of a 1/2" piece of pine to offset it all the way around well.

Additional stained baseboards were applied throughout the first floor and more was prepared for the Master Bedroom and its bathroom.


Marlene Faith said...

The tricks of the trade, as you put it, are all parts of the craft many do not pass down/on. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful work!!

Andrew Kottenstette said...

I remember hearing a guy I knew in school talk about how Louis Tiffany didn't share anything about techniques or formulas. The schoolmate was also a stained-glass worker that was studying art for a time. I thought that that was sad, or selfish. Tiffany must've been a lonely, maybe even hated man.

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