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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Trex Stair Replacement - Hunter House

At one client's house I replaced a rotted stairway with treated lumber and Trex composite. She said that she would have no problem going up the stairs, but going down it seemed like there was less step, and would be apt to fall if she didn't slow down. The previous carpenter had underslung the tow kick by two full inches! Redesigned, I extended her stair out another two feet or so, so that she could have 9-1/2 inches of tread even with a toe kick of a full inch.



As yet I have no pictures of this project with the final rail and stiles applied. There was another deck on the other side of the house, the front. (It used to be a stable and hay barn for horses.)

As with some of these remodels I advised the couple that the concrete landing needed to extended to meet code. Some contractors would stipulate this be part of the work before starting. I let it go on assurance that they knew about this, and that they would do it themselves "some day", and took over the responsibility.


Aidan said...

Love the work lad, you are a real trademan who as we would say here "has it in his hands". Unfortunately I am usless with wood, something which is a real shame.

Once again thanks for reading the blog, sorry about the foul language, I really need to edit it :(

Aidan Gill

Andrew Kottenstette said...

Thank you for the comment, Aidan!

I wonder if you have any readers suggesting that your blog would lose something if you edited out "the color" of your disappointments. Somehow we of Celtic decent seem to get a pass if you ask me, with or without a brogue. Let 'er stand if you're asking me. It just wouldn't be the same.

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