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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Small Accents to Plaster Repair - Pueblo, Colorado

In assisting a couple whom where renovating an old Victorian "Four-Square" I added a couple small gambrel accents above the stairway and ended up spraying oil enamel on all of the upstairs trim and kitchen cabinetry. It was previously owned by an elderly gentleman who had lived there alone at least forty years. He was not a very handy man around his house. Not much was done in the way of repairs or remodeling. This was a bit of a relief to the new owners, at least in the notion of clarity versus confusion, as some of these old homes get remodeled (or re-muddled) every ten or twenty years.

Just as soon as repairs were done on the ceiling and painted, light fixtures were installed. It created an ambiance one would rarely see in a job site.

The attic was reclaimed as living space. Stairs installed by another carpenter to it.

A Photo of the author at work. I was assigned to finishing the drywall on this attic after the drywall installer and crew "resigned". The angles, unusually going all the way to the floor line did present a challenge with a lot of bridged fiberglass mesh at the joints and setting compound down to a high baseboard. The veteran drywaller mentioned that this one drove his best helper off, and that he would lose money on it. I took over on an hourly basis and did alright. Sure it was unusual, but it worked out anyway.

The owners did quite a beautiful job in the main floor washroom behind the kitchen in Venetian plaster. The floor was done in stone tiles.

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